1968: Randy Pentel’s father, Irwin Pentel, leaves the grocery industry and invents the first portable POS MICR reader for checks

1971: ChexSystems, the industry standard in verification services, is founded by Irwin. Two of his sons, Dan and Randy, join the family business.

1984: ChexSystems grows quickly, providing data from 9,000+ financial institutions at 100,000+ locations, and is acquired by Deluxe. Today, ChexSystems is owned by FIS, the world’s largest global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies. ChexSystems remains the industry standard in verification services.

1987: Randy Pentel and his brother form Notification Systems, Inc., marketing their Electronic Advance Return Notification System (EARNS). Today, nearly every major bank uses EARNS, the industry standard in return notifications.

2012: Randy Pentel, now a seasoned veteran of the financial services industry, founds SoPayMe after recognizing the need for a secure, cost-effective and real-time payments processing solution.

2015: SoPayMe expands its real-time payments processing business model to include shopping, retailing, advertising, banking and data solutions.