End-to-End Shopping, Advertising and Payments Application Platform


  • Transactions ≥ $10 cost a flat ten cents, < $10 are Free
  • Back-end processing on in-house, isolated platform
  • Front-end is tokenized with multi-factor authentication
  • Interoperable with all POS, banks and payment methods


  • Save time and money, shopping is made easier
  • Ads, specials and coupons based on your preferences
  • Find and scan items, running basket total, self-checkout
  • Financial data is secure and never shared with retailers


  • Reduce transaction fees and eliminate costly data breach
  • Shopper transactions paid instantly with collected funds
  • Faster checkout, instant digital coupon settlement
  • Increase customer loyalty, basket spend, net earnings


  • Beacon-free locationing; all retail stores can receive ads
  • Shopper specific ad delivery utilizing predictive analytics
  • Shopper decision-making and ROAS transparency
  • Real-time shopper data and ad campaign metrics


  • Mobile deposit, account transfers, balance check, etc.
  • Automated cash-back deals with merchant partners
  • Manage notifications for low balance, settlements, etc.
  • Cardless ATM withdrawal, deposit and balance check